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Discount Massage Chamonix


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Apres Ski Massage


*Discounts cannot be used with any other offer, group discounts are for a single continuous session, multiple session discounts are for pre booked sessions with a 20% deposit payable.

Table Thai Massage:


“Table ” and “Thai” – the two words don’t really seem to go together; Thai massage, like many Eastern techniques such as Shiatsu, is traditionally carried out on the floor on a futon enabling the massage therapist to optimally use their body weight to apply wonderful palming compression strokes and deep stretches. This contrasts with techniques such as Swedish massage, sports massage or remedial massage, which again for reasons of body mechanics, tend to work better with the use of a massage table.


This often leads to a rather arbitrary division where massage therapists tend to practise one or the other of these massage styles without integration, even if they have training in both. There are occasions where pure technique is appropriate but we can lose out on the potential benefits to our clients of combining different styles. This is one of the hallmarks of the “Jing” approach – a form of integrated bodywork where the practitioner is able to draw from a wide “toolbox” of techniques. We encourage combining styles in a creative way to give the client the best possible treatment for them.