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For those wanting to take time off the piste and completely relax and indulge for a morning or afternoon, why not take advantage of the 25% discount available between the hours of 8am through to 3pm.


A combination of treatments are used with your own chosen blend of essential oils - a nurturing massage with deep effects through the euphoric sense of smell, replenishing your energy levels and relaxing both body and mind.


In addition, you might like to add one of the following “pamper” treatments to your massage:-



Classic (60 mins)

A one Hour Treatment - Choice of a single therapy or a fusion of different therapies to suit your needs.


Luxury (90 mins)

A 90 minute treatment - A Classic massage with the addition of a relaxing peppermint foot soak, followed by an invigorating exfoliating lower leg and foot scrub. 


Deluxe (120 mins)

A two hour treatment - A Luxury massage treatment with foot soak and exfoliation, together with a luxurious scalp and facial massage.