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A massage required for the relief of painful muscles and general flexibility after your sports activity, Alpine Massage offers the following treatments:-



Massage is believed to raise the levels of the body’s natural painkillers and also releases muscle spasm, reducing the pressure on nerve endings in tight muscles that can cause pain during physical activity.  Massage is the perfect solution for tired muscles that do not perform as well as they should after a tough day on the mountain. 


Benefits of massage following physical activity:-



Sports Performance Massage

This treatment targets the specific muscles involved during activity on the mountain and to prepare for an active day ahead.  This treatment also works to recover muscles from over use on previous days.


Après Ski Massage         

Using a combination of Sports Massage techniques, Deep Tissue Massage and deep ‘yoga’ style stretches (taken from traditional Thai bodywork), this invigorating massage is designed to facilitate joint mobility and flush out toxins from sore muscles.  Assisted ‘yoga’ style stretching is incorporated for relief and injury prevention.  Extra attention is given to your tired feet and legs to help maximise performance potential.


Deep Tissue

This energising deep massage therapy focuses on the underlying tissues layers to relieve tension in sore, tight muscles, alleviating chronic pain brought about by repetitive strain or a build-up of stress.  It will strengthen and tone muscle tissue, leaving your body recharged and uplifted. 


Table Thai Massage  

Traditional Thai Massage or Thai bodywork, is an ancient Buddhist healing art using the application of pressure on energy lines and points to unblock stagnant energy and restore balance to the body.  Deep compressions and passive ‘yoga’ style stretches are used to increase joint mobilisation and flexibility. 


Table Thai Massage is a western adaptation of Traditional Thai Massage and is performed through loosely fitting clothing on the massage table. 


A full body treatment provides profound relaxation, peripheral stimulation of internal organs and total re-vitalisation.  


Alpine Massage is totally focused on maximising your time and performance..!!!